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Exams and Vaccinations


Feed a quality diet that is appropriate for age and lifestyle.

  • Start watching for excessive weight gain in the older kitten and adjust calories accordingly
  • Consider feeding a variety of quality canned and dry foods
  • Consider placing food in a variety of places around the house to encourage smaller, frequent meals.


Socialization and Enrichment


Socialize early (preferably before 4 months of age) to:

  • New people
  • Other animals
  • Children
  • Handling of the mouth, ears, and feet
  • Nail trims


Indoor Lifestyle and Environmental Enrichment

  • Keeping cats inside protects them from a variety of injuries and infectious disease
  • Enriching the environment or allowing cats to be in a strictly supervised outdoor environment or enclosure is key to preventing boredom, stress, and inactivity and the associated behavior problems and weight management problems.
  • Provide companionship with regular human interaction
  • Provide an outlet for normal behaviors:
    • Variety of interactive toys and hunting games
    • Scratching posts, both vertical and horizontal, in desirable locations
    • Cat trees, perches, or shelves to allow for climbing and to increase overall space in the home
    • Food Treasure Hunt
    • Litter boxes
      • Place in a quiet, accessible, private place
      • Clean frequently
      • One box per cat plus one
  • Visit the web site for the Indoor Cat Initiative at for more information.